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Halloween costumes are creepy and techy for 2021

Want to be the afterlife of the party this Halloween season? Spirit Halloween has gazed into a crystal ball and spent countless hours at the Ouija Board to reveal 2021 costume trends that are so hot, the devil will need to apply sunscreen.

Spirit Halloween retail locations – stocked with an assortment of new and classic costumes, out-of-this-world décor, unique accessories, and an exclusive line of larger-than-life animatronics – continue to open nationwide, so fans of all ages can focus on owning all things Halloween. This year's top trends feature an eclectic array of categories, so Halloween enthusiasts planning more than one killer look can mix it up while staying on-trend, and families can be sure their kids look ready to scare up some fun – and candy.

However fans plan to celebrate, Spirit Halloween knows these screamin' hot Halloween must-haves are a sure way to knock 'em dead this year.

Creepy Families

Sure, it might be funny to dress up as the real-life uncle who forgets every birthday. Still, we prefer to focus on our favorite Halloween family members like Uncle Fester, Winifred Sanderson, and Jack Skellington. Send a chill up every spine with costumes from scary popular franchises, including:


Nightmare Before Christmas

Hocus Pocus

Corpse Bride

Addams Family

The Underworld Claws its Way to the Top

The dark denizens of the underworld have been a Halloween staple for so long that you might think it's time for them to ride a broom off into the sunset. However, classics never die – they get reawakened with new life. Families can take the phrase "you little devil" to terrifying new depths with options from infant to adult. Sink your claws into these revamped costume trends and win Halloween 2021 – undead style.






Spirit Halloween also offers the widest variety of Makeup and Accessories to add an extra frightening flair to any undead look.

Food, Foodie & Foodiest

Whether you're the type that crushes a whole bag of Cheetos® Flamin' Hot®, is controlled by a relentless sweet tooth, or sprinkles artisanal sea salt on avocado toast, Spirit Halloween has every type of food fanatic covered. This year, food costumes are hotter than pizza straight out of the oven. Check out what Spirit Halloween is serving up on this year's menu, including:

Cheetos® Flamin' Hot®




Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

Milk & Cookies

Foodies looking to max out their celebration can build the ultimate tablescape with exclusive home décor options featuring Haunted Mansion, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and more.

Throwback to the '90s

Reliving the past can be a nightmare for many, but for those who came of age during the era of first-name TV haircuts, purple dinosaurs, and afternoon music countdown shows, now is the chance to hop back in the time machine as '90s nostalgia is blowing up in 2021. Embrace the decade of frosted tips and scrunchies with reminiscent looks, including:



Care Bears

Space Jam

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Heroes and Villains

It's the eternal struggle – good vs. evil, light vs. dark, capes vs. cowls – but no matter your alignments, it's a Halloween win for 2021. Turn your celebration into an unrivaled matchup between the good guys and the villains, invent your own unique hero squad for the entire family, or embrace evil for the season. Squads vying for the best costume this year include:

Anime Favorites Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and My Hero Academia


Disney Princesses vs. Villains

Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad

Miraculous Ladybug

Paw Patrol

For the inside scoop on all things Halloween, follow @SpiritHalloween on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit, where die-hard Halloween fans can shop anytime, anywhere, every day of the year.

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