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Govee with new products for your yard

Govee announced the release of their new outdoor lighting lineup to interconnect your yard and turn it into a nighttime sanctuary during those long summer nights.

A few of Govee’s new outdoor products include:

Govee Outdoor Wall Light: [$89.99 (1-Pack), $169.99 (2-Pack)] Govee’s Outdoor Wall Light is crafted to address common limitations of traditional wall lamps by offering highly customizable, exceptionally bright and durable lights that can be integrated with your outdoor lighting ecosystem through Matter.

Govee Triad Flood Light: [$149.99] Govee's new high-power RGBICWW flood light is designed to surpass traditional floodlights in both brightness and versatility. This product enhances everyday and security lighting and brings the vibrancy of RGB colors into outdoor environments.

Govee String Light 2: [$169.99 (144 ft)] With double the lumens per bulb—100 lm compared to 50 lm—and an impressive 144 feet in length, these new string lights are ideal for enveloping patios, yards, and other large outdoor spaces. Controlled via the

Govee Home App or smart home systems like Alexa and Google Assistant, these string lights make every outdoor moment uniquely memorable.

Govee Outdoor Motion Sensor: [$29.99 (1-Pack)] This cutting-edge addition to your smart home outdoor lighting system promises convenience and security. This motion sensor enhances the functionality of your Govee lighting by activating connected lights upon detecting motion up to 26 inches away. This sensor can be installed in a variety of outdoor locations, such as the garage, backyard, front door, etc., for enhanced security.


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