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Golf season advice: Organize your bag, tees, gloves, golf balls, towels, band-aids, aspirin

The final putt at the Masters may be history and a green jacket has been fitted to the winner, but what is the state of your golf game?

Spring is here and golf season is possible in the majority of the country, so what should be your first steps to a successful first round?

Tiffany Faucette, inventor of the Impact Improver golf swing training tool has some advice for not only beginners, but more seasoned players as well.

Tiffany played college golf and captained the Florida State University Women’s Golf Team. In 1997 she was the #1 Ranked Amateur in the Titleist Golfweek Rankings. She played professionally worldwide for eleven years including two majors: The US Women’s Open and the The McDonalds’s Championship – and all major tours: LPGA, Futures Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour, Canadian Tour and others. Now as a full time teacher, she has won many accolades including: LPGA Top 50 Teacher, GRAA Top 50, US Kids Golf Honorable Mention.

One starting slow:

Give yourself a week to kick the rust off. Start with some easy practice sessions to allow your golf muscles to get reactivated if you didn’t swing much in the off season. The first day back, start with chipping and putting. Get used to the feel of your clubs again. You can never practice your short game too much. Day two start with ball striking and limit yourself to one bucket to see how your body feels afterwards. Then gradually increase your practice and play amounts until you get back to your full golf activity level.

Planning and Organizing:

Take one hour and plan your golf season. Use a piece of paper and jot down what you want for the golf season to keep you focused/motivated. Write down the courses you want to play, especially new courses. Then go ahead and book the tee times. Or list the tournaments you want to play in and print out the entry forms. Or if you want to drop 5 strokes off your handicap, list what 3 steps are you going to take to make that happen? Practice more, take lessons, new equipment, whatever it is, put it on paper. When you start with a plan before the season, it is very helpful in having a fun golf season.

Start each day with swings with your Impact Improver. You cab practice anywhere!

Order your very own Impact Improver here.

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