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Going Bananas with the Banana Loca

You didn't think your kitchen needed the Banana Loca until now!

It's a new way to eat and enjoy a banana. The Banana Loca is an innovative kitchen gadget that straightens a banana, cores it while still in the peel, and allows you to fill it with a variety of tasty food pairings like yogurt, honey, jams and jellies, peanut butter and Nutella!

For years, best friends Bechara and Renee frequented invention trade shows and shared cool gadget finds. One fruitful day when Bechara was talking about eating Nutella and bananas as a child in Lebanon, Renee commented about how her 15 nieces and nephews love banana slices with peanut butter. And the idea of Banana Loca was born! Besides wanting to do it because there's nothing like it on the market, bananas are just inherently funny right?! Just saying the word seems to make people smile, so they decided to make Banana Loca a reality. The thought of Banana Loca helping families have fun in the kitchen while giving tummies something yummy is everything to them!

How to use:

Cut off the tip of the banana about half an inch from the top.

Step Two

Straighten the banana by putting the cut tip end into the holder, gently straighten the banana against the holder with one hand.

Step Three

Insert the corer into the holder, do not twist or cover the hole while inserting. Once fully inserted, twist the handle, cover the hole with your thumb and pull out the corer.

Step Four

Fill hopper with 3 tablespoons of filling per banana. Push down on the handle until you see the filling at the very tip of the nozzle.

Step Five

Insert the nozzle into the banana while holding it gently. Push down on the handle and let the filling push the banana out.

Under $30 and easy to use.

NO MESS! Easy to clean with the included bristle brush

5 Star Reviews:

This little bugger is amazing! My kids love their stuffed bananas! I used Nutella and different kinds of jelly and it worked flawlessly.

Very good product, grand kids love the variety and they don't hesitate eating the bananas.


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