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Give the gift of non-toxic cleaning with MomRemedy

You'll feel good about cleaning with MomRemedy.

From toxic cleaning products that smell worse than the problem to specialized formulas for every spot and stain under the sun, what the cleaning industry wants you to buy could fill a cabinet or three. Declutter all those toxic products and get one simple multi-purpose cleaner - MomRemedy! This cleaning product is a non-toxic cleaning collection with a minimal, natural formula that is tough on all things household and gets rid of those stubborn stains. The MomRemedy formula melts grime, grease & dirt and the hydrogen peroxide lifts the mess to be wiped away with ease.

It's all available at affordable prices on Amazon.

What to expect:

POWERFUL HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: This Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner is combined with plant based ingredients to create a powerful household cleaner and stain remover.

NON-TOXIC: Safely use throughout your entire home (use as directed)

EVERYTHING HOUSEHOLD: MomRemedy works on all surfaces the home such as granite counters, marble, floors, stainless steel, clothing, upholstery, carpets and more!

EFFECTIVE: MomRemedy is effective for all household messes and will leave a streak free shine and clean away all the grime, grease and stains.

NATURAL: No added fragrance, sulfates, or phthalates. MomRemedy has a fresh lemon scent derived naturally from citrus peels.

From MomRemedy:

MomRemedy's mission is to change the way we clean and keep our families safe. We want to provide a worry-free, natural, effective, and safe household cleaner that can be used on all types of everyday household messes because, let’s face it, #MomsKnowClean.

Happy holidays and happy cleaning!

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