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Give the gift of gaming, travel, education and fitness with The Quest VR Headset

A Wireless Wednesday exclusive with Meaghan Fitzgerald, Director of Product Marketing for Reality Labs at Meta, formerly Facebook.

This season, ditch the sweaters and gift cards and give the gift of first steps toward the metaverse! In the not-so-distant future, the metaverse will be a social, 3D virtual space where you can share immersive experiences with other people. And while the metaverse isn’t here just yet, this holiday season, you can give a loved one the gift of virtual reality (VR) with the Quest 2 headset.

It's an amazing gift and experience.

Featured on Oprah’s “Favorite Things 2021” list, Quest 2 is an all-in-one, completely wireless VR headset that provides new, immersive entertainment, making it the perfect gift for everyone 13 and up on your holiday list. Quest 2 offers something for everyone to love, from high-powered fitness classes, exploring the world, watching sports and movies, dancing to live concerts, or challenging your friends to a multiplayer gaming match.

Have a watch:

Key product benefits for users, including:

Fitness + Wellness: With at-home fitness at an all-time high, Quest 2 features a mix of active apps and experiences that get you moving.

Gaming: Gaming has never been bigger. Challenge your family and friends with Quest 2—the ultimate gamer gift.

Entertainment: With Quest 2, you can get front-row access to the best live concerts, sports, comedy shows and must-see entertainment.

Travel: Longing to travel but plan to stay home for the holidays? You can explore new sights all over the world in VR using the Quest 2 headset. Experience the wonders of the world right from your living room.

Education: Use the power of VR for good through apps and experiences that promote and facilitate learning. Users can discover a variety of informative, award-winning programs to expand their horizons.

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About Meaghan:

Meaghan is Director of Product Marketing for VR at Meta (formerly Facebook). She oversees business operations and marketing for metaverse and VR experiences. Prior to joining Meta, Meaghan worked at Xbox, supporting the Minecraft studio team, and also spent over a decade in early stage technology startups as part of the founding management team. Meaghan graduated from HBS in 2016 and currently lives in Seattle, WA.

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