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Fresh off CES, CLIMBR expanding retail offerings

As of January 18, 2022, connected fitness brand CLMBR is expanding its online retail presence by launching on Amazon. This retail launch follows the recent announcement that CLMBR Connected machines will work with Amazon Alexa, expanding on the collaboration between the two brands.

As an extension of the launch, CLMBR devices will also be featured in Amazon Pop Up locations around the country. From Jan. 5, 2022, through Jan. 31, 2022, CLMBR will be on display, so users can experience the machine first-hand before purchasing. It's a way to see CLIMBR before purchasing.

CLMBR is an innovator in the at-home fitness industry, as the first vertical climber to feature a large-format touch display with on-demand, instructor-led classes. Vertical climbing is a full-body workout that combines high-intensity cardio with resistance training, and is one of the most efficient workouts currently on the market and provides a wide range of challenging workouts for fitness enthusiasts of many experience levels.

"We are excited to continue our work with Amazon by offering the CLMBR on Amazon's online store," says CLMBR CEO Avrum Elmakis. "We are pleased that this launch will enhance customers' shopping experience by offering a new method to purchase CLMBR, as efficiency and customer satisfaction remain among our top priorities as a brand."

Customers will be able to purchase the CLMBR Connected machine on Amazon for $2799, with the option of Prime delivery and set-up in select locations. Subscription to the brand's extensive library of workout classes will also be offered, with a 30-day free trial.

CLMBR is an innovative vertical climbing machine. It's the first vertical climber to feature a large-format touch display with on-demand, instructor-led classes. CLMBR's design is a high-quality build with a low level of required maintenance. It is easy to move – making it perfect for commercial or at-home use. The machine is beautiful with an open structural design that leaves the user's views unobstructed, supporting a natural athletic posture. It also offers the latest user interface technology and state-of-the-art companion app that provides on-demand climbing classes and displays key metrics to maximize the user's experience.


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