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French Tech impresses at CES 2022

À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible.

France is proving nothing is impossible at CES.

The biggest foreign delegation at CES 2022 was France. The French Tech delegation brought some exciting new companies to follow! Here is what you need to know about them.

In Healthcare sector, you will probably hear about Grapheal, Blabs (Baracoda Labs) and Self Care One. Grapheal produces e-health solutions coupled to mobile technologies and cloud telemedicine. TestNpass is a wireless & digital ‘test strip’ connected to the smartphone, which screens covid-19 and turns into a biometric secure RFID sanitary pass. They have been also awarded by Dassault Systems, the top French Software editor company. BLabs incubates and accelerates Baracoda Daily Healthtech’s innovations, such as balance, the world’s first smart bath mat. In addition, they receive an award from the National Industrial Property Institute from France. SelfCareOne invents sustainable self-care at home and the office with the ultra-innovative beauty & care fountain, SelfCare1®, offering a real-time personalized mono-dose format, making packaged products obsolete and wellness accessible to all at any time.

Cearitis, Agrove and Naio Technologies highlights new technologies in agriculture. Cearitis develops for farmers an insecticide alternative to protect crops from pests. Agrove created the first IoT system called “La Parcelle” powered by AI, to offer a new experience of sustainable urban agriculture and accelerate the deployment of productive urban community gardens. Naïo Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets autonomous robot for agriculture.

Chargepoly, Neptech, Green Systems Automotive and BeFC count among green technologies. NepTech designs a new mode of zero-emission, efficient and intelligent naval transportation. The NepShuttle is a fast hydrogenpowered 12 to 24m catamaran with a capacity of carrying up to 170 passengers in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Green Systems Automotives developed an innovative, connected, and integrated Flex fuel conversion device specifically designed and engineered for the marine market that turns a conventional ship into a real Flex Fuel ship and therefore reduces drastically its ecological footprint. Auum also wants to reduce the impact of disposable cups by inventing The auum-S machine, which cleans, dries & disinfects glasses in 10s with only 2cl of water. This innovative machine has convinced Bank of the West – BNP Paribas Group to award them. BeFC provides the world’s first active sensor tag powered by paper biofuel cell technology. Meticulously optimized to ultra-low power, the product provides customers with a sustainable solution for wearable, medical, IoT & Industry 4.0 applications.

I love MyEli as they take care of your style and security by inventing the first aesthetic and lifesaving connected jewel, which allows to alert emergency contacts in case of imminent danger, thanks to a voice alert and a text, sent with your GPS position.


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