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Form Swim Goggles for the 'smart swimmer'

Pool, lake and open water swimming has gone high tech with the Form Swim Goggles. The Heads-Up display recently benefitted from a structured workouts feature upgrade. This lets you pick from a library of workouts and follow your progress in real-time.

Beyond that, this is as good as it gets as far as tracking your activity in the water. The augmented reality specs track a wealth of info including time, split time, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke and much more. You can even connect the Polar OH1+ for heart rate information from the temple. Best of all, all of this is displayed in your line of vision so you can focus on swimming.

This is a great idea for the swimming enthusiast on your list.


SMART DISPLAY built right into the goggle lens. See swim metrics and workout instructions without obstructing your vision.

ENDLESSLY MOTIVATING GUIDED WORKOUTS: Unlock your best swim with in-goggle workout instructions, progress updates, and metrics. Browse our ever-growing workout library to find one that matches your mood, skill level and schedule. *Membership Required

FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of the FORM membership in the FORM Swim App. After your free trial, get your first year for only $24.99 USD (for a limited time).

FORM SWIM APP for iPhone and Android: Review your metrics after you, customize the goggles, share your swim, and sync workouts to other popular fitness apps.

PREMIUM DESIGN: Chemical-resistant anti-fog, replaceable silicone eye seals, custom nose bridge sizes, and adjustable silicone strap. Waterproof up to 32 feet (10 meters). Up to 16 hours of swim time on a single charge, depending on product use and settings. 1-year limited warranty. Case and charging cable included.

So easy to use:

No guesswork, memorization, or watches required. In-goggle workout instructions, progress updates, and metrics keep you motivated and make every swim fun. Browse our ever-growing workout library to find one that matches your mood, skill level and schedule.

A membership has its advantages.

With a FORM membership, you'll fall in love with swimming all over again.

\Start with a 30-day free trial and save big on your first year when you choose an annual membership in the FORM Swim App. For a limited time only.

What's Inside:

• FORM Smart Swim Goggles

• Protective Goggles Case

• 7x Interchangeable Nose Bridges

• Magnetic Charging Cable

• Heart Rate Mounting Clip

• Quick Start Card

Get it on Amazon here.


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