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For the golfer on your list: GolfLogix Green Books

Your road map around the golf course.

GolfLogix Green Books give you, the average golfer the same intel tour players have in their back pocket. Using mapping technology with accuracy down to the centimeter, the rules-compliant Green Books distill sophisticated green-contour data into illustrated maps that are proven to help golfers of all ability levels.

At only $40 each, golfers have ordered Green Books for more than 14,000 courses in the United States. Thousands of customers have since returned to order additional courses.

Every Green Book features three detailed graphics for each hole on the course. A full map of the hole provides descending yardages every 50 yards. The quick-view heat map features easy-to-follow arrows outlining the undulations to know exactly where to hit the ball on the green. The subtle changes in elevation and direction, often undetectable to the naked eye, are highlighted in a close-up third map. A quick glance will give you more confidence in your strategy and lead to better shots and lower scores.

Get your physical Green Book or also available in an app.



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