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FoodTech Live kicks of CES 2021

I started to get in the flow of CES today with some well produced FoodTech sessions.

All the latest food technology, kitchen advances and more.

What happened:

The Companies. Over thirty food tech companies exhibiting at Food Tech Live. There's a huge variety of companies and products, many of which will be shown for the first time, so it was great to visit their booth during exhibit hours.

Exhibition Booths: The companies worked hard to put together their exhibition booths. There were live exhibition hours (8-9:20 AM, 12:30-1:30 PM, 3:30-4:30 PM - all Pacific Time) throughout the day where you will see many exhibitors demoing products and answering questions. And we were able to drop by the booths any time - even during non-live exhibition hours - as you can check out videos and learn more about each company and their product. I was able to navigate the booths easily within Hopin by going to the Expo area, or you can use this handy booth guide with a description of each company and a link to their booths.

Food Tech Innovator Interviews: They were doing live interviews all day from the main stage. Many of the interviews will feature live product walkthroughs!

Sessions: Four sessions throughout the day on topics such as the future of the consumer kitchen, personalized nutirtion, cultured meat and food and 3D food printing.

Live Video Networking: Hopin allowed you to do Chatroulette style networking, so it was fun to try that out. Also, you can request to video calls with speakers and other attendees within Hopin itself..

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