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Fodor's Travel "Go List" returns for 2022 with focus on hidden gem destinations in the US

2021 brought uncertainty to the travel industry, in the return of obsessive, unbridled wanderlust.

To help travel lovers start putting their dreams into action, the Fodor's Travel Go List returns this year, with 49 recommended destinations for 2022. In addition to suiting a wide variety of travel styles and budgets, this year's list took careful consideration of the logistics of getting to and from each destination during a time when travel remains impacted by pandemic-related measures.

Augmenting the Go List with even more home-grown travel inspiration are two new Fodor's guidebooks focused on closer-to-home destinations: Fodor's Best Road Trips in the USA and Fodor's Bucket List USA.

The Go List: 49 domestic destinations for the current travel moment.

This year's Go List reflects the current travel moment with a focus on practicality: rather than a collection of global locales, the 2022 Go List consists exclusively of domestic destinations in the United States.

While narrower in focus than previous years, the 2022 list is perhaps the most dynamic Go List yet.

"This year's Go List is unlike any we've ever put together – one that takes you to hidden corners and secret gems of the country," said Jeremy Tarr, Editorial Director of "These are the very best, brightest, weirdest, most unusual, and most worthwhile travel destinations in the U.S."

The 2022 Go List brims with sensible yet surprising suggestions for those in all stages of the pandemic travel spectrum, from those ready to hit the road tomorrow to those still perusing lists for wanderlust-fodder.

Whether cleansing one's aura in Cassadaga (Florida's Psychic Capital of the World); buzzing on cold brews while wandering Fort Wayne's commercial corridor; gawking at the limestone rock pillars erupting out of Mono Lake, California; or tracking humpback whales from the tropic pink sands of American Samoa National Park, travel lovers are bound to discover all sorts of America they hadn't expected.

View the entire 2022 Fodor's Go List at

The No List: Continuing a hiatus until the time is right

The highly cited Fodor's Travel No List of destinations that should be avoided due to ethical, environmental, or political concerns — usually published in tandem with the Go List — continues its hiatus this year.

"With so many destinations still off-limits due to pandemic constraints, now simply doesn't feel like the right time to revive the No List," Tarr said. "During this abnormal period of travel, we encourage everyone to consider their own personal risk assessment and how that impacts both travel decisions and travel needs, as well as the needs and safety of the communities they visit."

Two new Fodor's Travel guidebooks augment the Go List with even more domestic travel guidance. Available in print or as eBook titles with easy-to-read layouts and beautiful color photos, both new guides focus on closer-to-home journeys that can be reached by car if desired:

Fodor's Best Road Trips in the USA: 50 Epic Trips Across All 50 States

From driving Route 66 to heading out on the Pacific Coast Highway to exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway, local Fodor's travel experts across the U.S. have assembled the freshest tips for planning an epic road trip. Fodor's Best Road Trips in the USA offers 50 road trip itineraries, more than 60 detailed maps, honest recommendations from locals, and everything else needed to simplify the trip-planning process to make the most of time on the road.

Fodor's Bucket List USA: From the Epic to the Eccentric, 500+ Ultimate Experiences

Whether camping in the Grand Canyon, eating an authentic cheesesteak in Philly, walking through a sunflower field in Kansas, partying at Mardi Gras, or taking in the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, Fodor's Bucket List USA is packed with carefully curated musts to help road trippers check their dream USA to-dos off their travel wishlists and discover quirky and cool extras along the way.

Available now wherever books are sold and on Amazon.


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