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FlexIt, the top virtual personal training platform, announces the launch of FlexItPRO

FlexIt, the gym access and training app that offers access to Virtual Personal Training sessions (VPT) from certified trainers and boutique fitness professionals, announces FlexItPRO™, a new invitation-only platform giving users access to the premium trainers usually exclusive to celebrities, professional athletes, and other A-list clientele. With FlexItPRO™, clients can book training sessions with ultra-elite trainers and coaches for personalized virtual health planning and training from anywhere in the world.

The inaugural class of FlexItPRO™ trainers has been hand-picked by elite curators, including Ebenezer Samuel, FlexIt's Head of Training Innovation. Select FlexItPRO™ trainers include:

Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS: Head of Training Innovation at FlexIt, Samuel has worked with Antonio Brown and other NFL athletes, and he's starred in workout videos, including New Rules of Muscle. He's a leading voice in the fitness and wellness space who has spoken before the National Strength and Conditioning Association and appeared on numerous podcasts.

Jay Cardiello, CSCS: Men's Health Editor for, Wellness Contributor on the Martha Stewart Radio Show, Shape's #1 Motivator in Health and Wellness. Cardiello has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, 50 Cent, Rami Malek, Kevin Love, Timothy Chalamet, and several professional sports teams.

Johanna Sapakie: Trainer and choreographer to the stars, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus. Sapakie has been involved with projects such as Cirque Du Soleil, Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, and Hustlers (2019).

Pete Geracimo: Former triathlete with over thirty years experience working with the best in the fitness industry. Geracimo has trained a number of high-profile clients including Adele, Kim Cattrall, and members of the British Royal Family.

Matt Powell, CSCS, RD - US Special Operations head performance coach, international strongman, and registered dietitian with almost two decades of strength coach experience. Powell has worked with the NFL's Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, as well as three Division 1 Universities. Matt also worked as country music superstar Sam Hunt's personal trainer on tour.

FlexItPRO™ is debuting with current and former athletes, celebrities, and well-known individuals at the helm. The platform has been used by, among many others:

Terrell Owens - NFL Hall of Famer and six-time Pro Bowler.

Austin Ernst - 3-time LPGA Champion, 2017 Solheim Cup team member, and 2011 NCAA Individual Champion.

Bart Scott - Former Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets player and ESPN Radio host.

Jennifer Cohen - Host of Habits & Hustle podcast, best selling fitness author, and entrepreneur who launched a fitness platform, among many other projects with her new company, Supreme Fitness.

Tina Craig - Serial entrepreneur and influencer marketer. Founder of the famed fashion blog BagSnob, and Founder & CEO of luxe self-care line U Beauty.

Center for the Milwaukee Bucks, former Center for the LA Lakers, NBA All-Star, and all-time leading scorer for the Brooklyn Nets, Brook Lopez, was spotted before game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals sporting FlexIt gear. After leading the Bucks to victory, Lopez spoke about his playoff career high during the Postgame Press Conference in his FlexIt hoodie; power forward for the Utah Jazz, Juwan Morgan, entered game 5 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals sporting FlexIt apparel; UFC fighter and former Middleweight Champion, Chris Weidman, was spotted in FlexIt apparel throughout his summer training for his return fight.

"FlexIt is at the forefront of fitness innovation, and I am very excited to be offering my skills and experience to our users," says Ebenezer Samuel, "A big benefit of FlexItPRO™ for me as a trainer is that I get to meet and work with people I wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to train."

Justin Turetsky, Chief Operating Officer and Founding Member of FlexIt notes, "Trainers can bring star-quality attention through live 1-on-1 sessions offered on a platform built for the delivery of personal training. At FlexIt, we are serious about training and continuing to find ways to innovate and elevate our unique experience and offering."

FlexIt's premier Virtual Personal Training platform was designed specifically for exercise, with proprietary features that ensure clients are getting the most out of their sessions. These include timers, specialized camera views, music integration, health and wellness tracking, and form correction features, which allow trainers to project drawings and video demonstrations on screen to adjust technique in real-time.

FlexIt is currently available for download in the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about FlexIt, visit:


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