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Fix it all with the iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit

Fix just about anything you own or will b getting for the holidays with the iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit.

Whether you are customizing your gaming rig, replacing a screen on a damaged cell phone or wiring a plug this kit has it all. Can be had for under $70 at various places online.

Presented in a nylon tool roll, the kit features 64 different driver bits including bits for opening phones and game consoles. A series of spudgers, shims and picks will enable you to gain access to even the toughest device.

The perfect kit for every tech project. With 64 driver bits including those for phones, consoles and PCs, tweezers, spudgers and pry tools. There is no piece of tech that this kit cannot open. Great for the nerd or non nerd on your holiday list.


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