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Fits in your golf bag, ZoomBroom is your personal debris blower

ZoomBroom is the first and only debris blower designed specifically for golf. It fits right in your golf bag and weighs less than 30 oz. It is the quickest and easiest way to clean the path to the cup! The ZoomBroom will speed up your game and improve your putting.In the fall, it helps to find your ball when it rolls under the leaves on the fairway.

The 15thClub in a Golfer’s Bag

✔ Fits in your golf bag

✔ 40 minute run time

✔ 100 mph turbo speed

✔ Easy plug-in charging

✔ Weighs under 30 oz.

✔ Wall hanger storage

As an innovative and unique product designed to solve all cleaning needs for your outdoor living areas, the ZoomBroom is an air-broom that is simply a sweeping success. And it's great to have on the golf course. While it may initially compare to a leaf blower for many, the ZoomBroom eliminates the noise, the heavy equipment, the bulky battery packs, storage problems, and much more.


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