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Fitness expert Thomas Roe shares his full body workouts for the holidays

For your upcoming stories, please consider 20-year sports and fitness industry vet and celebrity trainer Thomas Roe of TRoe Fitness. He’s also owner of Local Moves Studio where his “no gym” approach to working out helps clients in a group setting or during a 1:1 session. Roe’s six favorite, quick and easy full body workouts for the holidays include:

Walking lunges: A great way to hit every muscle group in the lower body. Be mindful of always keeping your shoulders above your hips, looking straight ahead, not down at your feet. A simple rep/set is a total of 20 exaggerated steps or standing in place for 20 per leg. ALSO, never let your front knee go past your front toe; your trail knee bends until almost touching the ground.

For a beginner or novice - 3x20

Experienced - 5x30

Air body weight squats: Put your feet shoulder width apart, arms at your side or out front and drop into a deep squat where your hamstrings are parallel to the ground or where your tailbone nearly touches the ground.

Beginner or novice 3x15

Experienced - 5x25

Single leg step ups: Using a park bench or 12-15” wall, place your right foot on the bench or wall and step up as if you were running a flight of stairs. NOTE: never lock out your knee or the leg on the bench or wall. Also, for the trip or opposite leg; never let the heel touch the ground when you step down.

Beginner or novice 3x15

Experienced - 5x25

Military or yoga pushups: In a plank position with shoulders above your wrist, lower your entire body until your nose is an inch from your mat or the ground. If you need to minify, start in a knee position as opposed to your toes in the plank position.

Beginner or novice - 3x15

Experienced - 5x25

Wide grip pull-ups: One of the best exercises for full upper body training but also the most difficult. You’ll need to find a bar at least 6’ high at a local park or kids playground. Reaching up with an overhand grip and hands slightly further than shoulder width apart, pull your body weight up until your chin clears the bar. This is a lot harder than you might think and will take time and effort to achieve.

Beginner or novice - 3x5

Experienced - 5x10

Core: Holding a pushup plank, either on the palms of your hands or forearms, hold for 30-45 seconds for a beginner - 60-90 seconds for experienced.

4 Yoga Poses to Balance Out With Stretching:


Downward - dog

Cat movements

Cow movements

Thomas Roe (T.Roe) has been in the sports and fitness industry for over 20 years designing fitness programs that focus on true functional training outside a traditional gym setting. As an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer for over twenty-five years and with a degree in Endurance Nutrition, Roe is also an endurance athlete (Spartan Races) who regularly competes in triathlons, is a master swimmer, an avid cyclist, and much more, making him uniquely qualified to help clients push past what they think is their limit.

Roe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & International Business from the University of Arizona, and went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Advertising from San Diego State University-California State University. After working 10 years in the food and beverage industry to save money, he was able to open TRoe Fitness; a “no gym” approach to working out that helps clients in a group setting or during a 1:1 session. From there, Roe grew a loyal clientele at all fitness levels who saw results from his effective, research-based coaching.

Roe’s techniques and expertise have been featured in People, Backstage and Active, and now he’s bringing his passion for training, teaching and inspiring change to San Antonio, Texas. Local Moves Studio is Roe’s third incarnation in the fitness industry and his first brick and mortar studio. Here, clients will get cardio, endurance and stamina-based workouts that challenge them both mentally and physically. He not only strives to get clients in the best shape of their life in optimal time, but also to help them make fitness an everyday ritual.

The epicenter of San Antonio Fitness has been redefined. There’s a “new sheriff” in town and its Local Moves Studio, founded by 20-year sports and fitness industry vet, Thomas Roe (T.Roe). Local Moves isn’t just a (HIIT) studio, it’s a community, a lifestyle, a way of life – designed to challenge you both mentally and physically all while being time and focus conscientious. Each 45-50 minute class is cardio, endurance and stamina-based.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, spartan or triathlete, classes are designed to push you harder in a semi-private group setting than you ever would on your own. Local Moves’ unique “buddy system” is designed to keep you and your team accountable as you’re pushed, challenged, and held to a higher standard than just yourself.


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