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FirstKey Homes showcases 2023 environmental, social and governance merits

Atlanta-based FirstKey Homes has released its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, which highlights its 2023 milestones in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) arenas.

“We are proud to share this report and all that it represents, as we honor our responsibility for improving the quality of life for our residents, our teammates, and the communities we serve,” said Mark W. Smith, President of FirstKey Homes. “Our achievements in 2023 have positioned us for continued success, as we look forward to building on our strong progress.”

In 2023, FirstKey Homes achieved several positive ESG milestones, including:

Implemented energy-efficient features and appliances in its rental homes, promoted conservation and reduced energy consumption, invested in renewable energy sources, and partnered with local organizations for recycling initiatives and sustainable landscaping practices.

Real-time tracking of daily consumption data for vacant and occupied homes.

Partnered with RentTrack by Self to offer nearly 52,000 residents of FirstKey Homes free credit reporting and financial literacy assistance.

Leveraged the deployment of more than 100 hybrid company vehicles, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and a decreased carbon footprint.

Invested over 21,000 hours in training initiatives and offered comprehensive orientation and mentorship programs to its nearly 850 employees.

​In 2023, FirstKey Homes was recognized by USA Today as a Top Workplaces USA recipient for the third consecutive year and was also named Property Management Company of the Year at the Information Management Network’s semi-annual industry conference.

FirstKey Homes, LLC, is a privately owned single-family rental home property management company with corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. With a mission to give our family of residents a place to call home, FirstKey Homes provides safe, affordable, and well-maintained homes located in 29 markets across the West, Midwest, and Southeast. FirstKey Homes manages approximately 52,000 homes through local operations in 14 markets nationwide.


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