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Epson partnering up for the future of the LPGA

Epson has been looking to the future for decades when it comes to printing.

Now they are looking to the future when it comes to women's golf.

In late January, Epson agreed to take over the naming rights of the tour that funnels into the LPGA. It is a five-year deal, with terms not disclosed. The sponsorship took effect immediately and will run through 2026.

Epson is increasing the standard tournament purse size to $200,000. Mike Nichols, the chief business officer of the LPGA Qualifying Tours, said when he started with the Tour in 2013, the average purse size was $109,000 and the biggest was $150,000.

The 10 golfers who earn LPGA Tour cards for the following season — the Epson Tour graduates — will immediately become Epson Tour ambassadors. With that, they’ll receive $10,000.

Finally, Epson is reducing the tournament entry fees by 10 percent this year. That will amount to as much as $1,000 per player over the course of the year. The Tour is working with other companies to try to help cut tournament entry fees in half — from $500 to $250.

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