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E-Cloth is offering the chance to win a free year of cleaning

I'm all for a free year of cleaning.

E-Cloth, a leading eco-friendly cleaning company, is hosting a sweepstakes for all United States residents where you could win free cleaning for a year, plus the company's legendary 21 Piece Deep Clean Bundle. As people have become more intentional about embracing sustainability, E-Cloth is proud to be the partner that helps keep your home, gadgets, and car clean without additional cleaners and unnecessary waste.

E-Cloth takes away the need for additional chemical disinfectants and wasteful paper towels. Our precision-engineered microfibers – six times finer than human hair – trap dirt, absorb grease and remove 99% of bacteria*.

Our 1 Year, 100 Wash guarantee allows families to save money, time, and the environment.

E-Cloth is offering a chance to win here.

"E-Cloth is the solution for everyone, every day and everywhere. We will improve the lifestyle of every human being and the environment we live in by developing environmentally sustainable solutions that cover all facets of life. Through education, research and partnerships E-Cloth will be a leading force for change to leave the world in a better place than it was yesterday", said Zac Kieffer, Chief Revenue Officer.

E-Cloth is encouraging people to reconsider how they clean and "Ditch The X" ( By ditching common household "cleaners" and using E-Cloth instead, American families can save thousands of dollars every year while enjoying an easier and better way to clean their homes without the use of additional chemical disinfectants.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! To enter for a chance to win free cleaning for a year simply visit


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