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Dremel, your No. 1 pumpkin carving tool

Dremel announced the launch of its online pumpkin carving project experience to help users transform their pumpkins into glowing pieces of art and bring the Halloween spirit into their homes.

You are not carving a pumpkin unless you are using a Dremel.

Their online shop provides users the ability to learn carving techniques through digital education, see inspirational examples of carved pumpkins, shop for the right Dremel tool and have it seamlessly delivered to their doorstep.

This digital experience focuses on pumpkin carving the "Dremel Way," and features exclusive Dremel products for pumpkin carving and free access to artist-designed exclusive carving pattern stencils and how-to videos to help ensure project success. The goal of the project experience is to make sure anyone – regardless of age and experience level – can create a carved pumpkin they can be proud of, while having fun creating.

"We look at this as only the beginning," said Ed Pchola, Dremel director of operations. "We plan to add more digital experiences in the future to assist users in their project journeys by focusing on providing knowledge and creating an awareness of the many fun and useful projects that Dremel tools and accessories can bring to life."

With rich content, step-by-step tutorials and exclusive tool options, the shoppable site will allow users to couple tools with knowledge to create successful projects. As with all Dremel tools, they can be used for a variety of household projects and applications beyond the online project experience they are paired with.


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