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Dog-friendly travel goes high tech and luxury

Pet-friendly travel has emerged as one of the hottest trends in the tourism industry, with a growing number of pet owners planning to take their furry companions along for the ride (or flight), according to new research from the University of Surrey published in the Journal of Vacation. The hospitality sector has responded by offering an array of pet-friendly accommodations and amenities, from basic offerings like treats, beds, and bowls to extravagant luxuries such as gourmet dog menus and spa treatments.

Enter Dog Travel Expert Susan Hartzler

Recognizing this growing demand, dog travel expert Susan Hartzler has launched Dog Travel Gear, the ultimate destination for canine travel essentials. As a professional dog travel writer, acclaimed dog-centric author, and devoted canine enthusiast, Susan travels with her own pack of two Australian Shepherds, Seven and Paige Turner, sharing stories about their adventures in publications such as, Fido Friendly Magazine, California 101 Traveler’s Guide, and others.

When it comes to pet travel, Susan prioritizes top-notch products. That's why she personally selects each item sold on the site herself. Curious about what you'll find? Here's a sneak peek at some of the spotlighted products:

Pet Life ‘PYURE’ Handheld Travel Filtered Water Feeder: This convenient water bottle, designed specifically for dogs, will keep your furry friend hydrated on the go.

Cruising Companion On The Go Food Bag: The travel-ready pouch has a zipper to help you quickly fill and dispense food on the go.

Dog Baxter Backpack: Get Fido packed up and ready to go with the lightweight, tough, custom-fit Baxter Pack.

Mendota Diamond Series Braided Slip Leash: Simply slip the end loop around your dog’s neck and you’re ready to go!

Dog First Aid Kit: Be prepared for any mishaps with this comprehensive first aid kit designed specifically for dogs.

Pendleton National Park Pet Beds: Inspired by vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills®patterns, this collection takes you and your pooch on a journey of the beautiful landscapes of our great National Parks.

Stylish and Comfortable Hoodies: Show your furry friend the love they deserve with one of our custom-made hoodies.

Paws On The Go Blog: Your Guide to Canine Adventures

The site’s blog, "Paws on the Go," serves as a treasure trove of wisdom and proficiency in canine travel. Leveraging her lifelong passion for dogs and considerable expertise in pet-friendly excursions, Susan delivers priceless guidance on destinations, tricks on traveling with your canine sidekick, and tools to ensure each journey is memorable. Among the tales awaiting you are:

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