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Do you need a water mister for your backyard?

aerMist has something for you!

Maximizing patios and backyards is a top priority for homeowners, according to the latest survey from Better Homes & Gardens. With innovative ideas at the forefront of home design, new technology has emerged to elevate outdoor living spaces: aerMist high-pressure misting systems. Discreet, yet powerful, aerMist is transforming traditional patios and gardens into luxurious retreats, providing a cool and refreshing ambiance even on the hottest summer days.

Traditionally, outdoor living spaces have been limited to climate constraints, with scorching heat driving homeowners indoors during the peak of summer, especially in Arizona, Texas, and throughout the South and Southwest. However, seasoned designers like Gina Bronk of Gina Colette Interiors in Dallas are now harnessing the innovation of upscale outdoor rugs, fabrics, and furniture, along with aerMist, which can cool a patio by 20 degrees, to maximize a home's square footage and extend curated interiors beyond traditional walls and into a home's backyard. Thus, making these comfortable and inviting environments functional year-round.

What sets aerMist misting systems apart is their versatility and inconspicuousness. Unlike unsightly fans or outdoor cooling units, aerMist's sleek design can be seamlessly integrated into existing outdoor structures, such as covered patios, pergolas, and gazebos. The system can be tailored to the space, ensuring coverage without obstructing views or detracting from the aesthetics of the space. In addition, the miniscule water droplets create cool, dry air without soaking furniture.

"Incorporating aerMist misters into outdoor spaces has become a game-changer for our clients," says Bronk. "They provide a seamless solution for creating comfortable environments that truly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living."

For clients seeking sustainable living practices, designers like Bronk are leveraging the eco-friendly mister as an alternative to other devices for cooling outdoor spaces. The advanced technology of aerMist can also integrate into smart homes and the lifestyles of technology enthusiasts. Homeowners can easily adjust the misting intensity and duration with ease through a dedicated smartphone app. This level of customization ensures the outdoor environment suits individual preferences for lounging or alfresco dining. Furthermore, aerMist runs quieter than similar systems, for a more relaxing, peaceful experience.

As homeowners increasingly seek to maximize their outdoor living spaces, the demand for innovative solutions from designers continues to grow. Whether it's a sprawling backyard oasis or a cozy urban patio, aerMist is proving to be revolutionary in the world of home design, offering a secret weapon to elevate outdoor living to new heights of luxury and comfort.


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