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Crystal Co. to debut world's first rollable transparent display at CES

Photonic Crystal Co. will introduce the world's first rollable transparent display technology at CES 2024.

This innovation is poised to revolutionize display solutions in commercial, office, and public spaces, offering users an unprecedented combination of high transparency and convenient, space-saving retractability. At the heart of this technology lies Photonic Crystal Co.’s patented nanoAR®, a nano-optic material that selectively reflects projector light while allowing ambient light to pass through.

When in use, nanoAR© unrolls and hangs, projecting bright, vivid, and highly transparent images onto the real world. When not in use, nanoAR® can be rolled up for space-saving storage. The standard size of nanoAR® is 5 by 4 meters, with customizable dimensions available.

"This CES exhibition marks a significant milestone for us as we unveil the world's first rollable transparent display technology," stated Dr. Yongjing Wang. "The introduction of this technology will bring transformative changes to how we view content in commercial, office, and public spaces. We are excited to share this innovative vision with audience globally."

Additionally, Photonic Crystal Co. will showcase other transparent display products utilizing nanoAR® technology, including applications in consumer electronics and automotive smart cockpits. In the smart cockpit domain, applications include automotive sunroofs, partition displays, side windows, ARHUD, etc; In the consumer electronics sector, offerings include transparent TVs, holographic display cabinets, virtual fish tanks, etc. These innovative products will further solidify Photonic Crystal Co.’s leadership in the field of display technology.


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