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Cosori first-ever VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill does more than just grill

Adding onto their acclaimed collection of innovative kitchen appliances, Cosori, a premier kitchen appliance company that promotes nutritious, healthy living, is proud to announce the launch of their first-ever Aeroblaze™ Indoor Grill. With powerful 360-degree rapid air circulation and smart technology, the Aeroblaze Indoor Grill ensures flavorful food that is effortless.

The Cosori Aeroblaze Indoor Grill includes eight customizable cooking functions, offering all the benefits of ovens, air fryers and grills, but in one appliance. The functions include:

Air Grill







Keep Warm

"The Aeroblaze Grill offers more consistent results every time because of the insulated air-flow system to help ensure even cooking, precise temperature controls and a crisp function that cooks with up to 85 percent less oil than traditional frying methods," said Grace Yang, Founder, Chairperson, CEO, and Executive Director of parent company VeSync. "This new addition to the Cosori family has been a great one-stop shop appliance that can cook delicious, healthy food in record time."

The Cosori Aeroblaze Indoor Grill is fully compatible with the VeSync app allowing consumers complete access to the "VeSync Online Recipe Library" and track personal cooking history. Alexa and Google Assistant will also be compatible with this model allowing voice control to start cooking, adjust settings and check the progress of what is cooking in the grill.

The Cosori Aeroblaze Indoor Grill is now available on for $239.99 with extra accessories and retailers including Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. For additional information, visit


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