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Copperjoint products give users options

CopperJoint has always supported the notion of health from a multitude of paradigms, from nearly 200 articles and guides to copper infused compression clothing. As the world rings in the new year and resolutions unfold, beyond the celebration comes a fortification to ensure success. Avoiding injury, or helping to recovery quickly, keeps health resolutions on track.

It is no surprise that the majority of people ponder and then claim a New Year's resolution. In fact, according to a recent survey over 73% of men and 74% of women plan to make one in 2021. Within the Millennial demographic, those numbers increase to nearly 90% of those polled. More interestingly, however, is the fact that of those committing to a New Year's resolution, nearly 75% of those resolutions will be focused on health and self-improvement.

While many will foray into the new year with a solid resolution to bolster their health, and while those ambitions are often vastly sincere, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, the expectations of failure are often 70% to 83%. With nearly three quarters of resolutions failing to culminate, the question arises with regards to the catalyst for failure.

If you can largely agree that failure to meet New Year's goals occurs, yet it is not always because of commitment to the resolution, nor lack thereof.

Stefano Starkel, founder and CEO of had this to say; "Embarking upon new fitness regimes is important to one's health, and indeed, can lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life. I commend those who aim to better their health, lives, and overall quality therein by fortifying their health and fitness. However, the body is prone to injury, and without proper precautions, this endeavor can fall short and impede one's goals." Mr. Starkel continues to say; "It is to this end, that we offer copper-infused compression products, which not only expedites recovery but just as important, can help to avoid injury from occurring in the first place."

The knee compression sleeve reviews illustrate support for running or biking, as well as copper compression elbow sleeves support lifting and the avid game of tennis. In fact, products are available for upper and lower body support and indeed, foot support.

Perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels, CopperJoint products are designed to enhance performance, speed recovery, and provide relief from injury, inflammation, and arthritis. Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply an active parent or grandparent, CopperJoint’s copper-infused garments provide optimal articulation and muscle support to make you feel great – no matter where, no matter when, and no matter what you’re up to.

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