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Comfort comes in facemask form with Airpop

If you have a goal of finding a comfortable facemask, you don't have to look any further than Airpop.

Not just a fancy mask, Airpops are sleek, high performance masks that don't rub against your mouth and nose. They also are durable and look darn good.

Function and Use

Medical, industrial and consumer masks each have a specific purpose. AirPop’s hybrid approach combines high-efficiency filtration with the fluid and bacterial barrier protection of medical masks and the comfort of consumer face coverings to create a market-leading consumer. Fit, filtration, and function guide every design decision AirPop makes when it comes to creating the best everyday protection for you.

Made to Fit

What good is a mask if it doesn't fit correctly? Every face is different. That's why AirPop masks are shaped to fill the hard-to-seal area around the nose bridge, which prevents leakage and fogging. Innovative 3D dome design engineered for ideal air exchange. The 3D shape stands off the face to create a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation.

Taking measurements from a database of 3,000+ digital scans, Airpop masks are crafted to align with the ergonomics of the human face. Through a patented adaptive fit design, AirPop provides an effective barrier to support you in your everyday life.

These are masks that work and protect.

Individual masks start at about $10 and a pack of four can be had for $29.99.

Order here.


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