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Comcast brings 'Digital Accelerator' to Latin American community

Thanks to Comcast, the Latin American Association will receive a first-of-its-kind training program known as the Digital Accelerator, designed for Latino-led nonprofits to strengthen their organizational capacity, programmatic offerings, and reach in the digital workforce development space. In addition, the organizations will offer a Digital Career Center that provides both online and in-person trainings to community members seeking to increase their digital skills and get connected to employment opportunities that leverage those skills.

This is one of 20 Latino-led and serving nonprofit organizations nationwide to receive a $30,000 grant from the Hispanic Federation (HF) in partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal to enhance and expand its digital workforce training activities

This is part of Comcast's long history of helping connect or support Atlanta area residents and businesses. Since the launch of Internet Essentials 10 years ago, nearly 760,000 low-income Georgians have connected to the power of the internet. In addition, the Comcast RISE program has benefited over 200 small businesses across the state, with technology makeovers, grants and marketing services.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in today's increasingly digital economy. Bridging the digital divide that disproportionately impacts Latinos is key to creating economic opportunity in the Latino community and a more equitable society,” said Frankie Miranda, President and CEO of the Hispanic Federation. “We’re excited to partner with Comcast to equip Latinos with the skills they need to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow.”

These are among the hot trends in tech.

“Digital literacy is a necessary skill for Latinos on the career pathway to middle and high skills jobs,” said Monica Cucalon, Managing Director of Economic Empowerment for the Latin American Association. “Investing in training and support for Latino job seekers will drive economic mobility and equity. We are very excited to partner with the Hispanic Federation and Comcast on this great initiative.”

Over the next decade, 50% of tasks across all industries are expected to go digital, eliminating as many as 39 million jobs—and by 2030, at least two-thirds of jobs will require some level of digital skills. Latino workers are 14% of overall workers but represent 35% of workers with no digital skills and 20% of those with limited digital skills.


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