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CLUG Roadie Bike Storage Rack

Storing your bike has never been easier.

There's no simpler bike storage rack than the CLUG Roadie Bike Storage Rack. It's tiny and effective as a way to store our road, touring, and racing bikes either vertically or horizontally.

CLUG grips the bike tyre to hold it in place but is flex enough to allow it to be removed without any damage to the tyre. It also uses patented Toggler high performance wall plugs making sure Hornit CLUG stays fixed to the wall.

CLUG is simple to install and use and has been recognised globally as a leading bike storage solution. Even the packaging, which is designed to make installation hassle free, is award-winning with an International Design Excellence and New York City Design award. The exterior of the box features a guide to make sure you have the right size for your tyre before purchase, and the lid of the box folds out to become the template for drilling holes. Once taped, the box will also catch the dust during installation.

The new sizes will be added to the current range:

roadie (11.25’’ [23-32mm])

hybrid (1.31.7’’ [33-43mm])

mtb (1.752.25’’ [44-57mm])

mtb XL (2.32.7’’ [58-69mm])

plus (2.753.2’’ [70-81mm])



A storage rack that works with the floor to store our bikes

Fits tires 1 - 1.25in for our race, road, and touring bikes

Mounts in minutes with the screws and wall plugs provided

Easy to use and takes up no space at all

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