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Change of pace, kids are loving Jooki

Not everyhting is ultra high tech this holiday season. As three geeky dads created Jooki, a smart player for kids, so preschoolers let go of their phones and grow good habits. With Jooki, kids are in control to listen, dance, imagine while music or stories play without any help from grownups (or Dad’s gadgets). Jooki is the smart player that lets kids choose and listen to music and stories with ToyTouch™ technology.

“I got the idea for the Jooki when I had to take my phone out for the fifth time,” said Theo Marescaux, CEO & Founder, “to play the same song over again for my 3-year-old daughter. At home all our music is digital and our kids lost the ability to independently explore music and stories. When I was their age, I could just put a CD or cassette on. That freedom and charm of physical interaction with media has largely disappeared."

Built for kids, Jooki is intuitive with five modern, chunky-sized Characters that can be swapped on a whim to hear something new. Parents link each Character to a playlist created via Jooki’s web or mobile application (Android and iOS). It works with Spotify and many music files (MP3, AIFF, WAV). The portable music player can be used indoors, in the car or at a backyard picnic. There are no plugs, cords or wires to worry about and its battery gives 8 hours of streaming or offline play time. The sound quality is superior thanks to its built-in stereophonic speakers—a big point of differentiation for Jooki. It’s sturdy and bright orange so it’s easy to spot!

There is a lot of flexibility here as with the help of their parents, kids can download their own playlists as one online buyer discovered, “My kids love listening to music as they go to bed every night, and I hate to leave their smartphones with them overnight. This is the perfect solution. They load up a playlist on Spotify, pair it with a Character, and then they can turn in their smartphones every night before they go to bed. It's been a great addition to our home.”

“Jooki gives back to children the immediate availability of music,” wrote one reviewer. The high-quality portable WiFi speaker – brightly colored and designed for kids’ hands – works with cute little Characters; when popped on top of Jooki, they trigger playlists. Just like that, nothing else to do to let children enjoy music!”

The rave reviews on Jooki’s Facebook page reveal the same delight by parents. “It was the kind of present you search for a very long time,” wrote one purchaser. “Since it got unwrapped by our son, it runs almost in every situation. It has not lost any attraction over the time because it can be the focused toy or keeps running some songs in the background while playing with other toys. And at the evening always some stories and adventures are running until he falls asleep.”

Pre-readers are the ideal audience for Jooki. A child simply chooses a Character, places it in the outlined circle and like magic, the music or story plays. Lift the Character and the sound stops! Boys and girls are proud of their independence to choose the music or stories without asking a grownup for help. With no plugs or screens in sight, youngsters listen and play without distractions. Order yours now!


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