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CES brings us YogiFit, the world's first smart yoga mat

Yoga on a smart yoga mat.

YogiFit is re-defining the yoga workout experience at home!

It goes beyond traditional tracking of steps and calories,

that curates a plan based on your journey and progress,

that brings personal virtual trainer right at the comfort of home...

Connect with your soulMAT that listens to the body and calms mind

Team YogiFi cordially invites you to visit our booth at CES2021 to check out the fitness gadget that will help you / your followers to kick start 2021 the smart and healthier way!

This yoga mat has come a long way since CES 2020 - appreciation from early adopters and recognition from industry analysts and top consumer brands. To name a few ...

- "New Fitness Tech Product to Upgrade your at-home workouts" - Spotlight in Rachael Ray Show

- "The yoga product, YogiFi is helping people to stay healthy and active from comfort of home during these times " - Mention in Apple Press Release

- "A fitness tech startup is developing YogiFi, an intelligent and interactive yoga system " - Qualcomm Challenge Top startup.

- " Feeling Fantastic" , "YogiFi rocks!!" "A perfect christmas gift to someone I care for " - Messages from our early adopters.

Check the below recap video of our 2020 journey ..

YogiFi App is essentially a companion app with YogiFi Mat. You can however download and explore sample Freemium sessions and practice with our computer vision based posture/form corrector technology. We notched up this experience to next level by launching the fusion of Vision and AR/VR - bringing the nature close to home by having a virtual Ambiance while you perform yoga postures or even practicing along with your favorite trainer on a beach / Himalayas.

Try the experience for free by downloading the YogiFi App. Click on the Snowga Magic once you download the App to have some fun while doing yoga.

Links to download the App:


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