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CES 2023: Worthwhile indoor training now possible with TrueKInetix

CES Innovation Award-winner TrueKinetix presents the world's first robotics-based indoor trainer making her USA debut at the CES Las Vegas. TrueKinetix, an indoor cycling technology company, is creating an entirely new & upscale market segment within the globally rapidly growing indoor cycling market.

TrueTrainer is the world's first direct drive trainer that exactly mimics the strain of outdoor cycling. Developed in cooperation with two Dutch Technical Universities and manufactured in the Netherlands. The TrueTrainer is an advanced indoor trainer using unique, patented robotics-based technology for 5 times lower simulation error, 4 times better accuracy, and 20 times better responsiveness than traditional equipment.

Despite its growing popularity indoor cycling is still a sport people love to hate. Indoor workouts still last 3 times shorter than outdoor workouts at significantly less power. TrueKinetix has developed its robotics- and AI-based patented TrueForce Technology which gives a much more realistic pedal force by not using the industry standard flywheel but robotics. This technology is now, for the first time ever, launched in a smart trainer.

The benefit? Exercising indoors finally feels like cycling outdoors and you get a much better workout. The TrueTrainer can generate a maximum resistance of 2600 watts, enough for the very best sprinters in the world. The trainer also simulates up to a 15% gradient, more than enough for any software, including Zwift, Rouvy, or TrainerRoad.

The TrueTrainer creates a next-level cycling experience through the following industry-first features:

First, the unique Virtual Gears allow the user to select any crankset and any rear cassette in the app, regardless of the physical chain rings on the bike and the cassette on the trainer. Using mechanical models, the robot determines the selected gears and scales the pedal force to mimic the associated Virtual Gear. The result? Ride any gearset possible without ever-changing cassettes.

Second, the cyclist’s energy is captured and stored to operate the trainer. So the trainer never needs to be charged. But even more revolutionary, the residual energy is used to charge connected USB devices.

Third, the unique graphic display feed from the HDMI port displays all performance data in detail, with complete user configuration, on any TV or monitor.

Fourth, the WIFI ensures that, for the first time ever, no external devices such as watches, phones, or cycling computers are needed to store the data or update the software. Training data is stored in the cloud and automatically uploaded to third-party platforms and updates are performed automatically.


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