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CES 2023: Shower Power Buddies

Shower Power Buddies is a showerhead with a built-in hydropower speaker and fun LED lights. It's powered by the water flow in the shower and syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Shower Power Buddies aims to help make bathtime more fun for kids and a little less stressful for parents. It comes in three fun colors and cartoon character designs — the narwhal, sea turtle, and rubber ducky.

Shower Power launched in 2020 and it took off in a big way. Shower Power works with your existing showerhead, whereas Shower Power Buddies replaces it — making it a lot easier to install.

Shower Power Buddies is a compact showerhead with a built-in speaker and fun LED lights,

designed for kids – all powered by a hydroelectric generator from the water you are already using

to take a shower.


● Shower Power Buddies joins Ampere’s existing line of Shower Power speakers, which won a

CES 2021 Innovation Award in the Home Audio category.

● The new kid-friendly edition of Shower Power simply replaces a existing showerhead, making

installation even easier.

● Shower Power Buddies is powered by the water flow in the shower, so it never needs to be

removed or charged.

● The speaker syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing users to listen to their favorite

music, podcasts, or audiobooks while showering.

● Launching with three fun water-inspired animal designs and colors — narwhal, sea turtle, and

rubber ducky — kids can collect and easily swap out the characters in just seconds.

Technical Information

● 5W speaker driver with passive radiator for immersive sound

● 2600 mAh lithium ion battery – powered by water

● Ampere’s patent-pending hydroelectric generator

● Bluetooth 5.1

A great way to take a shower.


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