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CES 2023: heat it™ lets you treat insect bites with your smartphone

CES 2023 is beginning and those that are bothered by insect bites are in for a treat. heat it™, the ingenious insect bite healer that’s now launching together with REI Co-op in North America after taking the European market by storm.

The thumbnail-sized, 3-gram heat it™ device ingeniously connects to your smartphone’s charging port and simply uses heat (hyperthermia) to quickly and efficiently relieve itching and pain when applied to insect bites. Unlike other hypothermia-based devices that require the use of batteries, heat it™ is small enough to attach to your keychain to go wherever you go. Importantly, you won’t waste any money on battery purchases, have to deal with the environmental issue of battery disposal and don't put any nasty chemicals on your skin.

You can meet Lukas Liedtke the inventor of heat it and CEO at the heat it™ booth every day of CES. In return for watching a simple-but-fascinating 5-minute demonstration, you as a journalist will receive your very own smartphone-powered heat it™ device (while supplies last).

The MSRP for heat it is $39.95. You can find more information on the website.

“European consumers have come to see that hypothermia-based devices are the most effective way to treat insect bites, and that heat it is clearly the ultimate hypothermia-based insect bite healer,” said Liedtke, inventor of heat it and Managing Director.

“We’re confident that North American consumers will love heat it’s exclusive combination of effectiveness and portability just as much as European consumers do.”

heat it offers numerous personalized settings, including a kid’s mode that allows it to be safely used for children as young as 4 years. Designed for self-application from 12 years and up, it comes in both Android and iOS (iPhone) versions.


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