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CES 2023: 'Don't Forget Idea' app gives you friendly reminder voice alerts

The “Don’t Forget” app will remind you of the important things you may have forgotten in your car. With a voice alert, you’ll never have to worry about leaving anything behind again.

83-year-old, first time inventor, Burt Firtel’s Don’t Forget app and devices can save users time, frustration and even tragedy by verbally reminding drivers (before they get out of their car) to grab stuff that can escape a mental checklist. From babies and dogs (the statistics speak for themselves) to your cellphone, glasses and wallet, Don't Forget's customized verbal alert can easily be edited as needed, and is a lifesaver.

Burt had no technology or app experience- but frustrated by the forgetfulness that can accompany aging- he dove headfirst out of retirement and into the tech-verse. His tech-deficits pushed the engineers to ensure Don't Forget is easy for anyone, any age to quickly download, customize and use.

About Burt Firtel: During my working years, I did business selling and distributing pharmaceuticals, disposable medical supplies and funeral supplies. My wife and I did a little travelling, played a little golf and since 1974 I’ve owned and raced trotting harness horses. In 2014, I had heart surgery and I’m still alive thanks to my heart surgeon, Dr. Richard Cartledge, Boca Raton. Now in my 83rd year, and my wife gone since 2008, I’ve shelved the retirement word and seem to be in a very productive phase of life. I wrote and had self-published a book, The Legend of the Cap. A fictional story involving real characters and spanning more than one hundred years of what we know is the game of golf. I also developed an APP that I call, “Don’t Forget.” It’s a simple idea but one that some people are saying why hasn’t it been thought of before? I would park my car in the underground garage, take the elevator to my apartment, get undressed, turn on the tv, and reach for the phone. You dummy, I left it in the car, and would do so a couple of times each week. So, I invented the Don’t Forget APP- when your car is turned off, the Bluetooth will remind you, “don’t forget your...” up to 15 items that you want to be reminded to take with you when exiting your car. More important than cellphones, an average of 38 children die each year from heat stroke when forgotten in cars, and hundreds of dogs as well. Those tragic numbers can be brought to zero. My legacy to my grandkids. Whenever I check out of the supermarket, the clerk almost always says, “have a nice day.” My knee jerk response is always, “Thanks, I already did, I woke up this morning."

Burt also be unveiled his Front Door Motion Detector and Automobile Audio Alert at CES.


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