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CES 2023: Brunswick debuts a boat simulator/video game

A lot of simulators are video games and a lot of video games can also be thought of as simulator. Boating has become a major source of recreation – and has really seen a boom in recent years. But boating technology has had a revolution over the past decade. Brunswick CEO Dave Foulkes came from Ford and brought with him his version of ADAS, which is our ACES strategy (autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and shared access). Also gameifacation.

At CES, you can now drive a boat using a joystick, like playing a video game except with large outboard engines on the back. We have a virtual anchor called skyhook – you press the button and you are anchored in place. In many cases, our technology has to be better than automotive as there are no brakes in boats, no lanes and you can’t see below you.

“We are very excited to once again be exhibiting in person at CES 2023 and to demonstrate the rapid development of our ACES strategy on a global stage,” said Foulkes, Brunswick CEO, in a statement. “CES is a platform that stretches well beyond our industry, and we will take full advantage of the opportunity to showcase to the global audience our unique capabilities as we continue to develop the most advanced technologies in the marine industry.”

This year at CES we'll have a future helm in our exhibit where you can experience what it will be like to captain a boat in 5+ years -- you can autonomously dock the boat, experience object detection and object avoidance, virtually anchor the boat -- all with a joystick and buttons in our immersive 140 degree screen.

“We are also using it to train our development ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) in environments that are difficult or hazardous to access in a real vessel,” Foulkes said.

As of today, the company doesn’t have a date for commercialization, but the technology is not all in simulation – it’s much closer to reality, Foulkes said.


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