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CES 2021: PaaSport combines fitness and gaming

Fitness challenges anywhere for anyone.

I found the spot where sport meets video games.

It's the brand-new product Beta, PaaSport by ST37, and it debuted at CES 2021 and could be the solution to keeping people practicing sport, staying healthy and sharing with others within a community.

PaaSport, the latest innovative product Beta by ST37, is a fun online platform where physical activity and video games meet to organise fitness challenges. People can compete from home or anywhere, against others to obtain rankings and win points in exchange for powers to gain an advantage over opponents with the help of the AI virtual referee and trainer.

2020 has been particularly difficult for the sport & fitness sectors and for people who love to do, or watch, sport. Covid has cancelled events at all levels of sport and destroyed training and competition preparation for anyone all over the world who is unable to travel to train and compete.

ST37 decided to combine their passion for sport and technology to develop PaaSport.

PaaSport provides a new way of practicing sport that combines physical activity with video games that can keep the fitness world alive, regardless of restrictions. This is the passport for anyone to be able to do sport anywhere.

Using PaaSport, people can use any camera or acquire ST37 cam & box to connect to PaaSport from anywhere with an Internet connection. Once connected, people can choose which competitions to take part in and begin competing with other people who are also connected from around the world or training programs within a community. As people compete and train, they will earn points to advance levels, unlock exercises and exchange points for powers to gain an advantage over opponents with the help of the AI virtual referee and trainer.

A big welcome to ST37, a French Startup, founded in 2018 that specializes in sport technology. ST37’s mission is to develop the world’s best AI algorithms in sport to make knowledge accessible to everyone. In just two years, ST37 have developed a range of products, like MIA, an AI robotized camera that automatically captures and interprets sporting movements in real time for objective videorefereeing. MIA was launched at CES Las Vegas last year in 2020. PaaSport is another exciting product to add to CES 2021.


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