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Celebrating 20 years, Tifosi Optics at PGA Show

With 20 years as a leader in sports eyewear, Tifosi offers premium frames and leading lens technology without compromising affordability. Starting at just $39.95 golfers can enjoy Tifosi’s entire Enliven Golf collection. Enliven is color capture lens technology that helps to fine-tune particular wavelengths of light that matter most for golfers—green, blue and red. By limiting overall brightness but turning up these particular colors, golfers are better able to read course contours and definition, even in low light conditions.

Tifosi is proving to golfers around the world that you do not need to spend $200 for course eyewear!

Featured Products:

Crit – Enliven Golf Lens ($49.95)

A best-seller, Crit features an aerodynamic design and engineered ventilation system. Hydrophilic, adjustable arm and nose pieces provide a secure fit and increase grip the more you sweat.

Seek FC 2.0 – Enliven Golf Lens ($39.95)

Seek FC 2.0 features a low profile and wrap frame for lightweight comfort. 2.0 updates include a sleeker logo design, new Comfort Grip no pressure ear pad, and lower MSRP.


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