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Catapult One aiming to be a fitness tracker for future elite athletes

Built with the same technology used by the world's top teams, Catapult One brings performance tracking to athletes everywhere.

Catapult, the global performance data powering elite sports, announced today the launch of its wearable performance solution for the next generation of athletes: Catapult One. Created by the same development team trusted to deliver performance metrics to more than 3,200 elite teams worldwide, including the EPL, NFL and NCAA, Catapult One provides players and coaches at all levels with the tools to track, analyze, and improve performance with professional-level accuracy.

Membership to Catapult One includes the activation of a 10Hz GPS tracker and vest, access to performance data and trends via the mobile app, and elite-level training content.

The membership empowers athletes with the most important metrics and 10-times the data of leading fitness watches.

The new Catapult One membership empowers athletes and coaches with the most important metrics used by elite teams around the world, including sprint distance, acceleration, and intensity with 10-times the data of leading smart watches. With these insights, the best young players can dominate their competition, reach the next level, and avoid injury to prolong their careers.

"Our technology has positively impacted the world's best athletes and teams for more than 15 years," said Catapult CEO Will Lopes. "With Catapult One, we're putting the same technology in the hands of the next generation of elite athletes. Access to this type of technology is the logical step in giving athletes at all levels the tracking and analytics capabilities that previously had been reserved only for professional athletes and organizations."

Membership to Catapult One includes the activation of the 10Hz GPS tracker and vest, access to performance data and trends via the mobile app, and elite-level training content.

For coaches, Catapult One provides greater insight into practice and game play through a web-based dashboard. Coaches can quantify and share progress with players and parents, compare performances to inform roster decisions, and monitor players' workload and intensity to mitigate injury risk. As elite coaches focus increasingly on player load and the metric becomes critical to athlete longevity, Catapult One empowers coaches at all levels to monitor and optimize how hard athletes work in order to keep them healthy and performing at their best.

Catapult One members see improvements of their core metrics after just 90 days of use. Those who subscribed experienced:

26% increase in sprint distance

25% increase in power output

11.7% increase in total distance covered during a training session

3.5% increase in their top speed

Catapult One is designed for soccer players and team use within soccer, American football, rugby, field hockey, cricket, lacrosse, tennis, and Australian rules football. Individual U.S. memberships are available for $15.99 per month with a first month starter kit cost of $34.00, or $179 for an annual subscription fee which includes a free kit. Teams purchasing five or more kits start at $155 per player per year for access to the coach dashboard. For international pricing and to sign up today, visit

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