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Bridgestone Golf makes sure we know 'Tiger's Back'

Bridgestone Golf has the ultimate giveaway during the Masters.

Not for sale, but many will be given away in Augusta over the next few days. They are the exact ball Tiger will be playing in the tournament (the '22 TOUR B XS) complete with a "Tiger" sidestamp - Tiger's play ball will not have the #TigersBack stamp.

Like the standard TOUR B XS model, the new TW Edition is a result of a close working relationship between Tiger and Bridgestone’s R&D department and provides TOUR-level performance with long distance and high levels of greenside spin. The new golf balls deliver an exceptional combination of distance and control due to Bridgestone’s breakthrough REACTIV iQ technology, which takes advantage of proprietary impact modifiers in the cover to optimize performance throughout the bag.

For true Tiger fans, the highlight of the new TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition might be the “TIGER,” side stamp, which mimics the actual side stamp used by the 15-time major champion throughout his career. In addition, new commemorative packaging that depicts Tiger’s emotional 15th major victory makes the new balls equally appropriate for collectors and players.

“I have been with Bridgestone a long time,” said Tiger, “But these last few years I have had a more active role in R&D. With the Bridgestone team, we have been able to perfect the recipe for the cover, yielding REACTIV iQ, which is an amazing engineering feat. For my game, the new TOUR B is more consistently in my window off the tee while also giving me more feel around the green. I’m excited that Bridgestone is making a signature version with my personal side stamp available to the public.”

The new TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition, featuring a REACTIV iQ cover, represents the third generation of Contact Science, which comes from Bridgestone’s over 900 polymer engineers and focuses on optimizing performance at the moment of impact. REACTIV iQ is a smart Urethane that reacts differently depending on the force of the impact. On faster impact with longer clubs, REACTIV iQ behaves like a firmer material for maximum speed and distance, while on slower impacts the material keeps the ball on the face longer, providing improved spin, touch, and feel.

“Tiger has been a great asset for us on the R&D side for many years, especially in regard to the new 2022 TOUR B series. It’s fitting that we offered his version of the ball to consumers.” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager for Bridgestone Golf. “The TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition has the exact same performance and design as the XS that we introduced last month. The difference with the Tiger edition is the balls are all play number 1 and have the same TIGER stamp that the man himself uses in competition.”

The Bridgestone TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition will be available at retail on February 25th and feature a price of $49.99 per dozen. For more information on the new ball and the entire family of 2022 TOUR B golf balls, visit


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