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Brewers look to technology to speed up parking process on gamedays

The Milwaukee Brewers 2024 season home opener is Tuesday, April 2. This year, fans may not have to wait as long in line to enter the parking lot because of new parking technology that’s been installed at American Family Field.

Now you can't pay cash at the gate. Jason Hartlund is the Milwaukee Brewers executive vice president and chief commercial officer. He said the days of paying for parking at the gate are over because it took too long.

“You drive in, tell a parking ambassador where you want to park, whether it is preferred, gold or general, they’ll direct you to a lot. Take out your smartphone; point it at one of the light poles with the QR code; snap the picture; it will open a URL; follow the instructions,” said Hartlund.

Hartlund said you can pre-pay on the MLB Ballpark app or just scan one of the QR codes at the field when you arrive. He said if you don’t have a smartphone, there are stations where you can still pay with cash or with a credit card.

“For those that don’t have a smartphone, there are pay stations around the property that take cash. You just enter your license plate the same way, put your information in and away you go,” said Hartlund.

He said if you don’t pay after you park, there are cameras that will catch your license plate, so you won’t be able to slip by the system.

“Thirty minutes after first pitch, Interstate will be going around and enforcing parking and if you haven’t paid it, it will be whatever the price will cost for your individual lot plus a $3 fine,” said Hartlund.

Tony Janowiek is the president and CEO of Interstate Parking. The Brewers teamed up with Interstate to install the new system. Janowiek said the flow of traffic on game days will be transformed.

Hartlund also said the new technology didn’t replace any parking attendant jobs. He said those positions were transferred to parking ambassadors.


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