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Bose no longer headset sponsor of NFL or will be on coach's headsets

NFL coach's headsets will have a new look going forward.

Bose will no longer have its logo on sideline headsets used by coaches and players.

Bose will likely remain as a partner of the league in some capacity. The thinking is that some other technology company will place a much higher value of attaching its name to the exterior of the black piece of plastic that covers the ear of every head coach during games.

The Bose deal began in 2014. Motorola had been the long-time headset sponsor, through 2012. In 2013, the league added the shield on the headset.

In a day where the NFL sells everything, the league could sell the space to any sponsor it wants — Budweiser, Pizza Hut, DraftKings, Snickers,, whoever. But the NFL’s in-game sponsorships have had some organic connection to the thing on which it appears. Nike or Reebok or Adidas on shoes. Nike on the uniform. Bose on the headset. Microsoft on the sideline tablets. We'll see if the league opts for a sponsorship from a company that has little if anything to do with the technology that allows the coach to speak to others during games.


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