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Bondic 'do it all' glue

Bondic glue allows users to re-attach broken eyeglasses, refill holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything, even fine china by applying the unique liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it for only four seconds, and it's ready! The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic.

Looking out for the best liquid glue and adhesive solution, Bondic glue is something new. The unique binding formula of this superglue will help users fix any broken material. Apart from the mixing up of an effective formula, the glue tube consists of a specialized UV light technology. It will make sure that any item users apply the glue on will be brought back to its original shape and form.

Be it a broken mirror pieces, sunglasses, pipe leakages, or any broken item someone can think of, the Bondic glue can fix it back into shape in no time. All users have to do is to apply the liquid superglue onto the target area and point the Bondic uv glue light for a few seconds. Users can witness the liquid form slowly amassing strength and changing its form into a thick layer. It is termed as the world's first clear liquid adhesive.

Bondic glue is actually not glue but liquid plastic which hardens not with air, but with a particular type of light, making it the most preferred adhesive of this generation.

Bondic creates a strong and sustainable bond with the material it is applied to. Bondic is a liquid plastic which will solidify as soon as you point UV Light towards it. And that is all you need to do! Quick, trustworthy and durable hack to join things is here now!

This liquid plastic is made from a formula which gives it the capability to last strong and sturdy for a long time. It solidifies or hardens after it is exposed to UV light for a duration of 4-5 seconds. This product does not dry simply when it's exposed to air because it is free of any solvents.

Plastic is a polymer. What is a polymer? Poly means many and hence plastic is made up of macromolecules containing several repeating subunits or monomers. It being liquid plastic, these monomers float in the fluid, trying to attract each other but these units fail to do so due to the fluid present in between. Now when the UV light is applied to this, it breaks down the fluid, making the monomers attract or bond to each other, thus creating a strong and durable bond.

Bondic Glue comes in various kits, with the starter kit being the most basic one which includes:

The carrying case: As it is a kit, it will be having a couple of things in it and hence, you will be requiring a case to hold all of those things. This carrying case has a metallic look which is big enough to hold all the tools accompanying the starter kit. Hence it will be able to carry your Bondic and even UV light so that you don't misplace them after using them.

Applicator Tip: This applicator tip resembles a ballpoint pen tip and as the name suggests, allows you to apply bondic on the desired surface as it leads to the application of a very thin surface, thus you don't waste the product and get the precision required.

Bondic Bottle: The star of the show, the Bondic bottle contains the plastic liquid required for all your adhesive needs in enough quantity.

UV Light: The magic of Bondic Glue is not complete without a UV Light. This Bondic UV Glue hardens or solidifies when a UV light is applied to it. But this particular light is an exclusive feature and might not accompany certain kits. Check your kit description before ordering.

The steps to use Bondic. The simple mantra to be followed while using Bondic is clean, apply, cure and repeat!

Clean/ Sand the surface: To create a permanent and sturdy bond, user need to rub the surface over which you will be applying the adhesive and wipe of the excess shavings. It's always advisable to clean the surface too to get rid of any debris present.

Adhesive Application: After using the sandpaper, now is the time to use the magic product. User can control and modify the amount of Bondic used with the help of the applicator tip provided in the kit. Ensure that you don't waste the product and that you apply on areas which are feasible to receive the UV light. One small tip that could be helpful here is that if User are planning to stick to the surface together, apply Bondic only on one surface.

Cure/Apply light: After successful application on the adhesive, user can take the time to place and adjust the two surfaces as you want. Once user have reached the desired outcome, hold the UV light in one hand and point it towards the adhesive. Bondic users need to apply this light or cure the Bondic for the entire 4 seconds to strengthen the bond and to make it permanent. If they want a temporary bond and want to modify the position of the items they are working on, users can apply the light for 2 seconds. It is important to move and supply light to every area if you have used a large amount of adhesive.

Repeat: User may want to repeat all these steps for a long lasting bond. It is advisable to use a small amount of the adhesive and let it cure and then repeat rather than using a large amount all at once.

After this is done, Bondic users can sharpen or shape the edges according to your liking with the help of a sandpaper. This will not only give the product or item they are working on a final finish but will also remove the unnecessary solidified edges which might be poky and hurtful if not taken care of.

Unlike other standard glues, this adhesive does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins which can harm the skin if applied on the skin by mistake. Bondic glue won't cause any respiratory symptoms too if one inhales it from afar as it does not offer pungent smell. Owing to this, it is a safe adhesive alternative for both kids for their school projects and even adults. As one of the key features of this revolutionary product is that it does not stick to the skin and hence is skin friendly.

Bondic requires only a few steps to show its magic. Hence it is extremely user friendly. As mentioned above we just need to clean and rub the surface, a pretty common step used in most of the glues, apply the glue and then cure it and there it is! Unlike a few adhesives which we first need to dissolve and let it settle, or finish our work in haste due to the constant fear of drying. It helps us finish our work in a calm and composite manner.

Bondic is both heat and water resistant. It will not lose its bond under the influence of heat or water. Due to its resilient nature, it can be used to mend and repair things which are exposed to these extreme conditions unlike other glues which eventually lose their property if exposed to such conditions. And due to this unique property the Bondic possesses, it can be used to fill a broken can or the one with hole which will be used to carry liquid again or can be used to repair underwater leaks, can be used to repair tables or items which are to be kept in extreme temperatures maybe out in the sun and the list goes on. As mentioned in this Bondic review, the more layers of liquid plastic you apply, the stronger the area under application becomes.

Users no longer need to waste money on buying other superglues that are sticky and have short-term effects. With the use of Bondic glue, users can witness a completely new change. The user-friendly and simplistic working pattern of the Bondic glue makes it all the more perfect. It is available in the market in the form of a pen-like structure. users can easily take out the liquid glue and apply it to surfaces according to user's convenience.

The most striking feature of the Bondic glue is its unique feature of UV lights. Make sure that users apply it on plain surfaces after cleaning out any dirt or extra substance. Once it is applied, project the UV light on it to harden the liquid and transfer it properly. The Bondic glue bottles are easily available in the market. It contains a considerate amount of liquid that can be used multiple times.

The thin tip of the pen-like glue bottle makes sure that the liquid glue is not the least wasted. The tip of the Bondic plastic glue bottle can be used to outline the target object in a careful manner. users need to have a thorough understanding of the Bondic glue bottle, its functions, and working pattern before deciding to buy it.

Satisfied customers have come up with an exciting Bondic review that strengthens the popularity of the glue stick. The main feature that makes the Bondic glue stand out from other products in the market is its solvent-free formula. It means that unlike other superglues, Bondic glue doesn't dry out unless the user wishes to do so. Bondic users can casually apply the glue anywhere they wish and take the time to decide on drying it or not. After applying the liquid if Bondic users wish to dry it, Bondic users can make use of the UV light sensor.

The amazing properties of Bondic glue are not just beneficial on a single type of material. It is equally effective in dealing with materials like glass, wood, metal, plastic and any other Bondic users come across. The Bondic liquid plastic welder makes sure that the object is in good shape and perfect condition without the aid of a complicated repairing process. The high-quality elements used to make it ensure that the glue stays in action for a long period.

The science behind the working of Bondic uv glue is unbeatable and the most practical solution for all broken things in life. It is a perfect option for filling in the gaps of the broken metal or glass pieces. The initial liquid form of the glue will transform into a hard plastic shield once the UV light is pointed at it. Bondic users can proceed to add as many layers of the liquid as user wish. Each layer will strengthen the object and enhance its durability.

The added benefit of the Bondic glue is the nature of its substance - it is made of plastic and hence it acts as an insulator. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for fixing broken charger cables or headphone wires without the fear of being exposed to electric shock. Bondic users can easily replace the tapes and switch to the simple method of Bondic glue plastic welder. Always remember to clean the surface well before applying the glue to it.

All Bondic glue review declares that the unique binding properties of the glue have been particularly beneficial for people engaged in mechanical work and craft works. In the case of mechanics and engineers, the special insulating properties of the Bondic glue have proven to be highly effective. They were successful in making use of the powerful properties of the glue and applying it on varied machines and broken surfaces.

If Bondic users are a person particularly interested in craft items, using the Bondic glue can do wonders for any artwork. It will help speed up the process and maintain the quality of work. It has also made its mark in dental applications where doctors use it for several binding functions. Before asking the question Bondic where to buy, be assured of its numerous advantages.

The Bondic glue is capable of withstanding both water and heat. It means that the user can use it for all underwater repairs and other breakages involving excessive heat sources. Bondic users don't need to worry about any harmful side-effects of the Bondic glue but always make sure that they use it carefully without exposing it to the sensitive areas of their body.

Bondic's exceptional clear curing makes it the best go to adhesive for any work which especially requires perfect finished results. As most other adhesives become dark or brown or yellow after they dry, Bondic dries in a clear state thus making it beneficial for any automobile exterior implantation, wood model craft or other forms of craft work. It can also let the user custom the product according to the color they wish to have by adding the powdered color to the liquid plastic before treating it with Ultraviolet light.

Some benefits of the Bondic liquid plastic welder are as follows:

Creates temporary or permanent bonds: with the help of UV Light

it won't stick to the container and neither to the skin if stored properly and will remain in its original form- liquid plastic.

It not only works as a wielding agent but also can be used as a filler by pouring it into the desired mound and giving the shape-be it hangs, hooks or whatever.

Due to its molecular making it can work even in adverse temperatures be it as low as -40 degrees to as high as 150 degrees Celsius.

Bondic helps reduce strain on an item by restoring its integrity.

The Bondic glue is easily available on the manufacturer's official website. users can also get easy access to Bondic amazon and get one for themselves. The added advantage of buying from Bondic official website is that clients will get a refill kit and replacement tool for the UV light of the Bondic glue. Bondic users can also read the Bondic Reviews provided by customers and check the authenticity of the product on Bondic official website.


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