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BeyondHOME launches new fire pit with only 10 second setup

BeyondHOME is a young and vibrant outdoor brand, striving to make embracing nature fun and accessible to everyone with the most comfortable and convenient camping products. They include tents, pit fires, odorless air mattresses to name a few, and has launched its new Fire Pit FP19. This smokeless bonfire fire pit is super effortless to put together in seconds and can be one of the top-performing pits that fit the most top-of-the-line criteria.

FP19 is a sleek, bare-bones yet a no-compromise rich fire pit. It effectively burns clean and hot. The stainless-steel construction offers durability and the airflow design allows for near-complete combustion of wood. Coming included with the removable one-piece design of a stand and ash pan, FP19 makes cleaning easier than ever. The great part is the value proposition. It comes at only $299.99, which is at least $40 cheaper than the products of the same kind.

"Smokeless fire pits are one of the best backyard accessories. They establish the perfect space to stay warm and create a comforting environment that tends to spark lively conversation. Our goal with the FP19 was to solve problems that plague bonfires, such as disturbing assembly, and inefficient combustion. Featuring the pre-attached accessories and innovative airflow design, this smokeless fire pit offers cozy autumn aroma with minimal fuss. It is ideal for both beginners and expert fire pit users alike," said Sam Zhong, Product Manager of FP19.

As the wood burns, air is pulled out of the pit through the exterior vents and pushed back into the unit through the interior holes to create a secondary burn that is hotter with fewer smoke emissions. This is a novel engineering feat for the perfect win-win situation. Once the wood burns fully, it will allow you to share a beautiful fire with multiple companions with no worries of smoke, instead enjoying the warm embrace of the pit. Conveniently transform your backyard barbecues into a party by the fire pit through the manifold virtues it entails.

Compared to inferior double sealing walls, its stove's outer wall is hollowed out. Its unique design can put out more heat and less smoke simultaneously. This allows the pit to push more heat outward, so you feel the cozy cuddle of the warmth even more. Not only can it warm your hands, but this pit also empowers you to roast marshmallows right over the flame and have the time of your life.

The BeyondHOME fire pit also includes a free carrying bag and built-in hand grips that will be very useful for taking it anywhere anytime – thanks to our thoughtful designers. Weighing in at just over 22 lbs. it is a breeze to transport anywhere from campgrounds to tailgates to your chilly backyard. Offering the utmost versatility, this stove can be used in multiple scenarios, such as home, backyard, camping, patio, beach, RV travel, and so forth.


Dimensions: 19.3 x 19.3 x 17.3 inches

Weight: 22 lbs.

Fuel: Wood

It is exclusively available on Amazon, normally at $299.99. Get up to $60 off at today's Flash Sale and Black Friday Sale.

As a cherry on the cake, it will be available in 15 and 27-inches models soon. For more information, please visit

About BeyondHOME

We are a young and vibrant outdoor brand. As our driving philosophy, we strive to make embracing nature fun and accessible to everyone with the most comfortable and convenient camping products, including tents, fire pits, odorless air mattresses, and more.


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