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Beyond Protocol and Beckett Media team up at Industry Summit

Some techy news out of Industry Summit 2021.

The distributed ledger technology platform Beyond Protocol and Beckett Media, the leading publisher of sports and specialty market collectible platforms in the U.S. announced a collaboration at the 2021 Industry Summit in Las Vegas on Monday, September 13, 2021 at the Beyond Protocol Monday Night Football Party.

WHO: Jonathan Manzi, Founder & CEO of Beyond Protocol

Jeromy Murray, President of Beckett Collectibles

WHAT: Beyond Protocol & Beckett Media Team Up to Record Collectibles on Blockchain

Beyond Protocol and Beckett Media will allow collectors to have their noteworthy collectibles graded by Beckett Grading Services, have their grading notes and certificates of authenticity stored on Beyond Protocol's unhackable blockchain, and for the first time ever, enable their collectibles to interact with the physical world through immersive experiences.

"We're excited to offer this new functionality to collectors through our collaboration with Beckett Media," said Jonathan Manzi, Founder & CEO of Beyond Protocol. "Further, this will allow developers to build applications on top of collectibles and IoT devices to produce immersive experiences, adding to the value of these already noteworthy collectibles."

"Beckett Grading Services is excited to be part of Beyond Protocol, empowering collector's assets that are graded and certified," said Jeromy Murray, President of Beckett Collectibles. "These collectibles will come to life in the physical world by utilizing Beyond Protocol's secure distributed ledger technology for all devices."

The 2021 Industry Summit, taking place from September 12-15, 2021, is the trading card industry's premier business-to-business conference. The Summit brings together licensors, licensees, distributors, retailers, breakers, manufacturers, and industry leaders for four days of networking, presentations, speakers, breakout sessions, panel discussions and a vibrant product showcase.

Beyond Protocol is a distributed ledger technology project that offers a secure and probabilistically unhackable solution to inter-device/Internet of Things (IoT) communication. With one line of code, Beyond Protocol's platform enables secure message brokering between devices through the utilization of blockchain technology and unique hardware signatures, and equips devices with a cryptocurrency-based payment gateway for automated, behind-the-scenes transactions. Beyond Protocol seeks to build real, practical solutions for device security and payments.

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