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Bassmaster angler, Brock Mosley relies on Dakota Lithium

Dakota Lithium is the fastest-growing lithium battery company in the world, achieving an astounding 2100% increase in revenue over the last four years.

Dakota Lithium batteries offer:

A unique chemistry and engineering know-how. Dakota’s batteries last 4-10x longer than traditional batteries, providing lasting value for their customers and reducing e-waste and its impact on our planet.


The safest & most reliable batteries on the market

The most energy-dense by volume (not weight)

The easiest to use and for customers to control & understand

A commitment to quality and reliability with a best in class 11 year warranty,

Lifetime technical support

Faster charging capabilities than their competitors

With an impressive career and a reputation for excellence, Brock Mosley demonstrated his skill and determination throughout the tournament. His unwavering dedication and hard work have undoubtedly paid off, leading him to emerge victorious and secure the well-deserved title.

Dakota Lithium recognizes and appreciates the relentless efforts and passion exhibited by athletes like Brock Mosley. As part of the Dakota Lithium family, Brock has consistently relied on three DL+ 12V 135Ah batteries for his trolling motor, which has provided the power and reliability he needs to achieve success on the water.

"We extend our sincerest congratulations to Brock Mosley on his remarkable victory at the Bassmaster Elite on Lake Sabine. This win is a testament to Brock's exceptional talent, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. As CEO of Dakota Lithium, I am incredibly proud to support Brock and witness his achievements in the world of professional angling. His success reflects the values we hold dear at Dakota Lithium—reliability, performance, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. We are honored to have Brock as part of the Dakota Lithium family, and we look forward to continuing our support as he continues to make waves in the fishing community. Congratulations, Brock!" Andrew Jay, Dakota Lithium CEO.

Dakota Lithium's partnership with Bassmaster reflects its deep-rooted support for the fishing community and its dedication to providing high-quality lithium batteries. Founded in 2008 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Dakota Lithium has become the go-to brand for consumers seeking batteries with twice the power, half the weight, and five times the lifespan of traditional batteries.

By harnessing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and leveraging engineering expertise, Dakota Lithium batteries deliver lasting value, reduce environmental impact, and come backed by an industry-leading 11-year warranty.


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