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Baseball's 'Opening Day' can be expensive

A new study has found that Minnesota Twins’ first clash at Target Field this year is the most affordable MLB home opener experience in 2023.

With the start of the 2023 MLB season now just around the corner, research conducted by MIBets analyzed which home openers are the cheapest to attend this year. The teams were ranked from 1-30 based on their cheapest possible overall experience for one adult based on the cost of available ticket prices, nearby parking, as well as beer and hotdog costs on the day.

Taking the title of the cheapest possible home opener is the Twins, who host last season’s World Series Champions Houston Astros at Target Field on April 6. With just $37, you can buy a ticket online ($21), find nearby parking ($7) and purchase a beer ($5) as well as a hot dog ($4).

Cleveland Guardians feature in second place on the list, with their cheapest possible experience being $39.50. Whilst their best value ticket ($25) is a little bit more expensive than the Twins’, they have more affordable parking ($5), making their April 7 home opener at Progressive Field that little bit more appealing.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Athletics sit just behind the Guardians in third, with their experience costing $41 in total. The A’s host the Los Angeles Angels on opening day (March 30), a side that sit just below them in the cheapest experience rankings.

The Angels have the lowest single ticket entry price, which helps make attending their home opener the fourth cheapest in the MLB. They get their home season up and running against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 7, with a single ticket available for just $20.

Seattle Mariners, who have the cheapest nearby parking available ($3), are ranked in fifth. Their overall experience costs around $53; however, they do have the most expensive admission price ($42) out of any of the teams in the top five.

On the opposite end of the scale, the Texas Rangers’ home opener against last season’s National League Champions Philadelphia Phillies is the most expensive home opener to attend in 2023. The cost of the cheapest possible experience is $163.75, whilst the Rangers also have the most expensive parking slots available for purchase from a third party.

At $143 and $136 respectively, San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers have the two most expensive single ticket entry prices. Reigning World Series Champions Houston Astros, who host the Chicago White Sox on opening day, are fifth from bottom, with their cheapest experience costing $119.50 in total. They are followed by the Phillies, whose home opener at Citizen Bank Park costs upwards of $140.

Meanwhile, 27-time World Series Champions New York Yankees are ranked 23rd on the list, with their cheapest experience for one adult costing $100 in total.


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