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Back up all your phone data with an Omega DataCube

Backing up the data on your smartphone?

Omega DataCube offers more than just a secure method for data backup. Every file on the phone is located, and it even arranges them all for the user. One may quickly examine all of the files on the free Omega DataCube app after the data backup is finished (Android & Apple). Everything is logically arranged into folders so that the user can search and share anything with ease.

Omega DataCube Securely Backups All the Phone Data While Freeing up Phone Storage

It automatically stores films, voice memos, and photos in a portable device because it's portable. The Omega DataCube has access detection functionality and a cutting-edge storage app. Despite its small size, Omega DataCube is made to support large file sizes of many iOS formats, including contacts, audio clips, long and short video clips, and contacts.

Purchasing a DataCube is very simple. Simply go on the official website here.

Omega DataCube continuously stores and backs up files using cutting-edge technology. This comprehensive and sophisticated solution has 256GB of memory available. More than 100,000 pictures can be stored in a single cube. This gadget is in a class of its own because it can offer versatility, performance, and substantial storage space for multimedia files.

Omega DataCube automatically backs up fresh images without any intervention on completely redundant pathways that are compatible with all operating systems. By eliminating the need for manual backups, it reduces the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance. Simply insert the device into the USB port on the phone charger, charge the phone as usual, and let the microSD device do the transfer tasks automatically.

Regardless of the operating system, the Omega DataCube App uses a visual interface to present well-organized icons in a way that makes them easy to understand. Omega DataCube with 32GB can hold all of the photographs, videos, and audio files if they total more than 10,000 in total. 25,000 photos and other films can be stored on one with 64GB of storage. And if it has 256GB of storage, one can instantly store an astounding 102,000 images on it while still having room for more films, contacts, and things.

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The Omega DataCube is feature-rich and ergonomically built to protect the user's memory. Neither technical expertise nor awareness of how many components the phone has is necessary to utilize this device. Backing up files on the phone is as simple as plugging in Omega DataCube while the phone is charging. The majority of the phone's pictures, movies, and audio may be backed up with only one full charge.

The price of Omega DataCube is significantly less than that of cloud storage that is available through subscription. To put it simply, this microSD data backup device is inexpensive when compared to competing for goods on the market. When the person buys Omega DataCube from the company's website, they can receive a discount of up to 40%. Utilizing the company's website to purchase the device is simple. One may obtain all the information on the product, including the rebates that are being offered, by going here.


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