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Automated pizza oven coming to US

A vending machine, portable pizza or an automated pizza ovens? Regardless of what you call it, PizzaForno is bringing its 24-hour, unattended pizza kiosk to the U.S. this month.

Based near Toronto, Canada, PizzaForno has 25 such machines in operation already in Ontario. They work pretty much as you’d expect. Customers walk up to the machine, place an order through the touchscreen (a mobile app is coming) and two minutes later, a 12 inch piping hot pizza is dispensed.

While PizzaForno, the company, is based in Canada, it’s using technology from an undisclosed company in France. Each machine holds 70 pre-made pizzas (typically eight different varieties), and features a convection technology that blast hot air to re-heat the pizza.

Can't wait to try!

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