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Ausdom with a 2K webcam with high quality speakers, AI noise-canceling mic, zoom lens, Cover

Ausdom has a new product than declutter your desk and make your home office a video conferencing haven.The Ausdom AW616 all-in-one Video Bar is a high resolution video bar/webcam that declutters the workspace by merging a 2K QHD high resolution web camera with vivid color, HiFi speakers, and AI Noise Canceling microphone -- together into one high resolution video bar conferencing webcam, essential for work-at-home Zoom calls, on-the-go video while traveling, and video conferencing in the office.

Created by Ausdom, a company known for their high-quality audio and video products, the AW616 employs hifi speakers made from special silk membrane so there is no need for external speakers to hear everyone clearly during noisy video conference calls. In addition, the AI powered noise canceling technology intelligently filters out background noise, enhancing voice quality for the best audio possible. And with its 90° video angle, 3-5 people can comfortably sit around a conference table and still be clearly seen in the video at the same time – making this the perfect solution for all your video call needs.

It's a space saver and a great way to keep things organized.

“Our new product line is geared to help people adjust to the ‘new normal’ with online communications that makes working from home or office as seamless and convenient as possible,” said David Wu, CEO, Ausdom. “With the new Ausdom AW616, you will never miss an important detail during your group video conferences or online video streaming.”

Ausdom AW616 Video Bar Features:

2K QHD Resolution: vivid color with 2560×1440 pixel resolution for smooth detailed image quality without blur.

Hi-Fi Speakers: made from a specialized silk membrane, these unique speakers allow you to hear everyone loud and clear.

Voice Amplification: AI Noise Canceling Mic quiets background noise and enhances voice audio for better communication.

Privacy Protection: is ensured with the integrated privacy cover.

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