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Arenas and live sports offer attending fans exclusive broadcast and stats

Arenas and stadiums are constantly looking for a way to give more value to fans attending live events. Fans that attended the Florida Panthers' game on April 24th were able to access an exclusive stats broadcast provided by veteran Panthers' broadcaster Steve "Goldie" Goldstein. The audio stream will be made available to fans in venue via the Florida Panthers' FLA Live! App and will be powered by real-time stats and analytics.

"I'm excited to be working with the Florida Panthers and ProWire to deliver engaging content for our fans at FLA Live Arena," says Steve Goldstein. "ProWire's focus on exclusive content for in-venue fans has been an exciting addition to the Panthers' game-day experience."

ProWire® and Florida Panthers® Announce Exclusive "Goldiecast" Powered By Real-Time Stats & Analytics

"We're excited to be working with Goldie on this new initiative, which compliments the Panthers' focus on real-time stats and analytics," says Gordon Sumner, CEO of ProWire. "As broadcasting becomes more analytical with the availability of real-time stats, we see a great opportunity to provide differentiated content for in-venue fans."

ProWire's patented CrowdFlex® streaming technology - the world's first real-time high-density delivery system - can be readily deployed in any venue using its existing fan-facing WiFi or 5G infrastructure. From broadcast commentary to live player mics, ProWire delivers real-time, high-quality audio to an unlimited number of concurrent users at a given location. ProWire can be integrated into existing rightsholder fan engagement apps and is available on iOS and Android.

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